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ShelbyNext ChMS Account

To download a PDF copy of these instructions, Click Here.

ShelbyNext is our Church Management Software.  By accessing your account, you will have the ability to view your profile, see the church calendar, make online donations (tithes/offerings), see your giving record, and have access to the church directory.  These features (and more) are available on the internet/web browser, via our church mobile app, and our website.  To use these features, activate your account by following the instructions below.  If you do not wish to access/activate your account, you may still visit our website and download our church app and use the features available to the general public.  Logging into ShelbyNext the first time is required to use member features (member profile & church directory) on the app and the website.

Log into ShelbyNext for the first time. 
You will receive an email from the church with the subject line: 
[First Baptist Church] Your Account Details 
The “From” address will be:  
The body of the email will contain a login link, your Username and a Temporary Password.  Click the link to be taken to the log in page. 
Enter the credentials listed on the email you received from the church. 

You may click on any of the tabs to access that particular information.  
“Give Now” will take you the online giving portal. (Opens a separate page.)
Groups” will allow you to see the groups to which you’ve been assigned (make sure you select ‘List’ under the groups tab.)
“Calendar” will take you to the church calendar. (Once you are in the calendar view, to return to the Membership features, click the 9-square grid in the top right corner, then click “Membership”.)
“Directory” will show the list of those in the church directory listed alphabetically. Scroll to the name you want and click on it to view their public profile (none of your financial information is visible to anyone but you).  If you wish to use the search feature to find a person, click in the search bar with the magnifying glass (next to the church logo in the top right).  If the search bar is not visible, click on the church logo to be taken back to the main page and the search bar should be visible.
“My Info” will show you the information on file for you and associated members of your family.  

If you wish to change your temporary password (recommended), use the following steps.     
Click the “My Info” tab.  Under your name, you will see “profile”, “giving”, & “account”. Click “account”.
On the page shown above, enter your new password (must be at least 6 characters), enter your new password again to confirm, click the “save” button.  
If you log out and forget your password, click the "Forgot Password" link on the login page or contact the church office to be sent a link to reset your password.  

You will use your ShelbyNext credentials to sign in the member-only areas of the church app and the website.  

To access your ShelbyNext profile via an internet browser (Chrome seems to work best) enter the following in the address bar: - this link is also available from the homepage of the website by clicking the "Membership Profile & Login" Button

Church App
Our new app is available to download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.  Search “FBC Richland”, look for the icon below, download the app to your device.
Once the app is downloaded you may use any of the public features right away: Calendar, Services, Giving, Contact.
To log in, click the “Profile” tab and enter your credentials.  
This will activate a “People” tab and will allow you access to the directory as well as see the groups to which you belong (Sunday School, Committees, etc).  
The app is an easy way to view our weekly livestream on your phone or tablet.
To return to the main menu grid at any time, tap on the 4-square grid in the top right corner of the screen.

Website has a new look!
Our new website is packed with lots of information and great features.  We hope it will be useful for our members as well as guests.  
For members you will find:
Up-to-date monthly announcements
Church Calendar
Online Giving
Weekly Sunday School Lesson helps
Livestream viewing and services archive
Online Directory access (via your membership profile on ShelbyNext)